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Sorting Custom Post Types, Taxonomy

I’m trying to sort a custom post type, using 2 taxonomies: Location and Unit - both are setup as categories. Inside of my location taxonomy

WP_Query Sorting Posts by month … timeline effect

Hoping someone can take a look at my code and help me out. Right now I am trying to show my blog in a timeline

Sorting category according to post views - in WordPress

I have a problem when I try to add category filter to sorting posts by views. It

Sorting by meta_key different to search criteria?

I’ve created an admin only page simply to view more information about subscribers to my website. The subscriptions are stored as Custom Post Types. All

Role Column Sorting

I’m trying to add sorting on Role column on user listing by desc and asc but I can get it work, it always show “No

Sorting Custom Posts on Archive page with pagination

I’ve got custom taxonomy archive pages with a drop down list that allows users to re-order/sort the posts. It basically waits for the user to

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