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Install WordPress on iis windows 7 sql server 2008

Please, Help me install wordpress on a Windows IIS 7 and SQL Server 2008 Read more here: Install WordPress on iis windows 7 sql server

How to SQL query by post title in wordpress when title has an apostrophe

I’m creating a shortcode in wordpress where the user can use the post title or slug of a post to pull information from a post.

Which is better and faster ? WordPress Queries or SQL Query

Suppose I am developing a minimal theme, the the post page single.php displays only the post title, the excerpt and the content. So in general

SQL sentence to collect all data and metadata related to wordpress post

Hello I have to export a wordpress database to csv, only certain fields are relevant, so I’m trying to construct a query in order to

See output of a sql query while plugin installation in wordpress

Doing wordpress plugin development, I am creating a table (while installing the plugin) with the following string: $sql = "CREATE TABLE (query skipped)..."; /*someting*/ The

I got my theme and sql database. And i would liek to run my theme locally to learn Wp

I got my theme developed by a freelancer and its currently on. i got all the theme files and sql database. I would like to

Optimise geolocation SQL Query

I’m working on a location based website within WordPress. However, the query for pulling events within a range can take some time when the range

SQL returns duplicate results

I’m writing an SQL query for WordPress that searches for events that are live between a users search. I’m hard-coding it at the moment to

SQL Select Statement to put multiple results into separate columns [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: MySQL pivot row into dynamic number of columns 1 answer I am trying to output the post details,

Get user information from SQL Db to enforce new login

I have the following <- not actual name. The former is a static HTML website with some JavaScript and the latter is based on

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