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How can I display products & subcategories along side each other?

Slightly complicated problem. I have parent categories which all have sub categories. When on the parent category page I want to display all the sub

Hierarchy of Subcategories on Permalink

I’m new to WordPress. My current permalink is set to /%category%/%postname%/ and a “.” (dot) in the Category base. My categorys ID are bigger than

Display subcategories selectbox on each category page

I want to display a select box to switch to SUBCATEGORIES of the current CATEGORY when i’m on a category page. I’ve the following category

How to add product subcategories to a category

I want to add subcategories to categories for my products. How do I do that??? Kind regards Pedro Read more here: How to add product

WordPress WooCommerce, hide subcategories

I have 4 depth’s of categories and as a standard on a parent page you see containers with links to it’s subcategories at the bottom.

woocommerce - primary category and multiple subcategories on one product

I’m building a webshop with WordPress and Woocommerce. I’m wondering if there’s any way to give one primary category and multiple subcategories to a product?

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