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Google AdWords conversions Track form submit

I am trying to add a google addword code (Socript or conversion script) in form submit in wordpress. there are manny pages and one contact

Not saving the new field when submit (PHP WordPress)

I have an admin options page which works great. I got a submenu page for banner upload and I need to add one more field.

Page load twice when form submit

I have this code which retrieve data from the visitor and then sending the data to php code through a hidden inputs. I send all

WordPress - contact form 7: add class to form when submit, and delete when form was checked/send

I want to add a class to the whole contact form on submit. i want to hide the submit button while the form is checking

issue to find wordpress plugin user can submit his document and these document approve or disapprove if some document

Hello i am searching a wordpress plugin for user can submit his document and these document approve or disapprove if some document dis approve then

find a suitable wordpress plugin for “submit a form”

i am trying to design a constructions website and i want people to be able to submit property details to me using “a form” in

Woocommerce Gravity Forms Addon Ajax Submit

I am using Gravity Forms latest and Woocommerce Gravity Forms Addon. I have a form in my product page, which add through the addon. When

Create and submit link using two select drop down values

Working on a WordPress site. I need to create a navigation bar that is a form with two select boxes, and use their values to

Getting errors after form submit - WordPress

I have a simple form that adds a new post and sets a featured image. I am trying to clear the form using this: header("Location:

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