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I am trying to copy a entire website e-commerce system locally, How do i do it?

I have trying to download a whole working e - commerce website. I keep getting stuck. Its a website using Magento + WordPress. I have

Is there an Open source Content Management System that will allow the users of my website to edit their pages similar to SItecore’s Page Editor mode?

Basically my website has a separate page for certain type of special users and the ordinary visitor can see those pages and perform certain actions.

Upload files directly from system to web server without using html form in php

I am reading an excel file and inserting excel data to wordpress post by php code. I have also a folder of images in my

Automated Recurring Billing system Paid Memberships Pro wordpress plugin

I enabled recurring system on website but when any member signup or create account, it generates me a error: “Automated Recurring Billing is not enabled.

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