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Replacing the title in admin list table

Here is my situation: I am trying to filter the title in my custom post type edit table but I can’t get it working. Here

Create new table with data from WordPress wp_postmeta table

The goal is to migrate the data related to a product definition stored in a WordPress table (in this case, credit cards). Here is an

How to generate graphical report from a table?

I’m fairly new to wordpress and I like to ask on how to do or what plugins to use for a specific task. I am

Using added column in wp_posts table? WPUF

I added a column to wp_posts as I need a uuid field on the post table. I had trouble changing the guid value within wordpress

how to make a copy of a mysql table, adding some columns and taking some out, changing the order and retaining any data relevant to the new table?

I want a wordpress user to be able to alter the structure of a database table, while retaining data in columns that are unchanged. My

Responsive WordPress table problems

Good Afternoon, I’m very much a beginner, so hang with me here… I am helping to design the website for our company and we have

woocommerce shipping table rates per order + per cart

I am using woocommerce table rate shipping In my current system I need to two types of shipping rates 1. Per Order (Based on category

How You can Pack Table Lamps and Stoves for Home Shifting

packers and movers pune New house purchase is just about the many busy procedures regarding life time. You have got to wrap up each objects

Insert data from custom created php page to wp_postmeta table

Hi i am working wordpress site here i have created one custom page in bellow directory /home/planmyme/public_html/php/ with the name response.php. on this page i

Can I save part of the post in an external file and join it on the fly to avoid redundancy in the wp_posts table?

To start with, I apologise if this is a double, which I believe is the case, but searching for similar posts is not easy. In

Inserting to a custom WordPress Table with JQuery

My code doesn’t insert the data into the database when using JQuery. My Jquery code: $(“#addMatches”).button().click(function( event ) { var that = $(‘#group-settings-form.standard-form’), oldUrl =

Change Query to run on different db table

I’m trying to change a query over so that it runs on a new table to help speed up a website. It’s a Geolocation query

WooCommerce - Adding product category to order-details table

Here’s what I’m attempting to do and where. In the check out process for an order, in the plug-in WooCommerce; you are taken to a

How to pull in Events Manager category (WordPress) on front-end page (table)?

I’m using the plugin Events Manager on my WordPress site. Everything works great, however on the front-end page, there is a table that displays the

unable to print borders of table using window.print() function

I am currently working on a wordpress plugin in which I have a table as follow <table class="responsive display table table-bordered"><tbody><tr><th>Subject</th><th>Total Marks</th><th>Obtained Marks</th></tr><tr><td> 1 .

Removing filter dropdown in posts table (in this case Yoast SEO)

I don’t need Yoast SEO meta box for one post type so I removed it with remove_meta_box(). Removed unneeded columns in post table by unsetting

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