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Custom Tags for WordPress SEO

I’m using WordPress SEO by Yoast, the free version and wondering if there is a way to create custom tags such as %%city%%. I want

Use blog as base for tags and categories

I have a site: build in wordpress. I set up the posts page as I want my tags and categories to be:

WordPress Bulk add alt tags to images

I’m doing some improvements for a WordPress (image gallery) website with more than 1000+ image. I want to add alt tags for all images with

Show exactly full content in WordPress without escape tags

I want to show limit latest post of WordPress in main page. I’m using WordPress APIs and functions to show that, but after that get_the_content()

Why is my browser rendering anchor tags and closing them without wrapping content?

I am using chrome on my mac and I am developing a WordPress website. I have been working on 2 different sites over the past

How to re-use GoPortfolio portfolios for different categories, tags or post ids

The GoPortfolio WordPress plugin allows me to create beautiful, responsive image galleries - for Posts and for WooCommerce products but I find it very tedious

Custom tags: special need

Here’s what I’d like to do: create a writer’s account give him the possibility, when he/she writes a new post to add custom field if

Image uploader to different php tags

I want to create a simple image uploader in WP-Admin in WordPress with some upload fields who uploads to different php tags. All image’s that

Theme Check Show Error Required: This theme doesn’t seem to display tags

I am testing my theme with Theme Check plugin and it shows this message: REQUIRED: This theme doesn’t seem to display tags. Modify it to

Single post not generating p tags

Our blog post is not generating p tags. <div class="entry">Dummy test content</div> it should be like this <div class="entry"><p>Dummy test content</p></div> Please help. Thanks Read

How to expand a wordpress shortcode within pre tags?

I want to use wordpress shortcodes within pre tags, e.g. <pre> [somepluginshortcode id=89] </pre> Where the shortcode returns some text. By default, it seems that

How to display post tags through the functions file

I’m converting an HTML template into a wordpress theme and I’m having some trouble displaying the post tags within the functions.php file. What I would

WordPress: query_posts only checks current page instead of whole category for tags

I use the following code in my category sidebar to check which tags are used in the category. It works, but only for the first

Why is the Walker_Nav_Menu self closing tags added in start_lvl

I’m creating a custom Walker based on Walker_Nav_Menu for a megamenu I’m working on and the issue I’m having is that it seems the tags

Why is my WordPress post loop auto closing anchor tags and not wrapping the element with it?

I have a post loop on wordpress where I want an anchor to be wrapped around the main project posts container so they can click

RSS/XML of all Categories and/or Tags

Is it possible to get an RSS / XML feed of a WordPress install’s Categories and/or Tags? I’ve searched the Codex (, which was very

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