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Rewrite rules for subterms in custom taxonomies

I am using a large number of custom taxonomies. My post type is called “location” and there is a parent term “Asia” and a subterm

Create user filters for wordpress custom menu based on custom taxonomies

I have a wordpress site which has custom taxonomies added to each post to denote the region, terrain and climate that the information in the

Taxonomies exists - but not showing up

I created some CPT with taxonomies. While I created the last one, I got some issues with showing the single post (always error 404). So

Custom taxonomies WordPress - display by category

I have my custom post type working fine within a shortcode - and it is displaying fine without trying to filter by category. However when

Output custom taxonomies with custom meta fields

I have a custom post type for Antique Shows, and a custom hierarchical taxonomy on that called Dealers. The end goal is to make a

Get pots by mixed taxonomies and include results from the taxonomy’s children if exist

I have been able to filter posts from a custom post type (ad) filtered by two taxonomies $myposts = get_posts( array ( 'posts_per_page' => $ipp,

Use the same page for multiple taxonomies

I need to use the same page for different taxonomies and terms. How can I retrieve the taxonomies and the terms from the URL and

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