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Can we create a custom post template for a specific page template

I am working in wordpress for the first time and the client had a requirement that we create a template which will be used for

How do I make an archive template for custom woocommerce taxonomy?

I have created a new taxonomy for products on woocommerce. Now, when I go to the taxonomy view and it shows 404. how do i

How to load thankyou.php template on woocommerce

I am developing a wordpress woocommerce theme. I am wondering how can I see thankyou.php template without making the payment. Only for development purpose, I

Optimizing a PHP WordPress template with edits that have many includes and loops to index.php causing massive server load on VPS

Our site is setup in this manner: We have a domain and and all our individual hotel pages are under that domain. However, the setup

WP beginner here - Where do I find updated template files?

WordPress beginner here - my site seems to have some outdated template files which I think are the cause of some functionality issues the site

How do I update WooCommerce template files in my theme?

WordPress beginner here - my site seems to have some outdated template files which I think are the cause of some functionality issues the site

Include several partials in a wordpress template. Showing only one of them

I have built a template and two partials in WordPress (php). In the template I use get_template_part() two times but only the first one is

How to customize taxonomy archive template files for subterms?

I have a taxonomy called “location” where I have the term “Asia” and the sub-term “Thailand”. Now I created the taxonomy archive template file according

WordPress - Why calling the_post_thumbnail() AFTER get_sidebar() doesn’t show anything on my template

I’m actually trying to display the post thumbnail inside the loop just before the content by using the_post_thumbnail(); function. It works like a charm in

Tell WP to use a specific template file in posts

I’ve searched everywhere and tried a couple plugins with no success. I’m using WP 3.9.1. I have to create different ways to show my posts.

Conditional statements for custom template

I have 2 template files , One template file is front-page.php and the other template is a custom one. Basically the code below is stating

Different template for attachment

I need to create a different template for gallery. I am working with twenytwelve child theme. I have modified correctly image.php so i can show

How to use Redux Framework for Template Section

i need sample wordpress theme all option in the sample-config.php in the template and how to use all element (ID) sample-config.php in the template .

Custom input to email template

I am using WooCommerce for a WordPress powered webshop. When completing and order and sending out the “Order Completed” mail to the customer, I would

Making text appear above the static picture slider on the Alt homepage, with static slider template on WordPress

Basically I’m making a site on WordPress using the WordPress theme “Restaurateur”. As you can see on the demo home page here using the

Hot get Template Selection for Custom post type with "capability_type"=>’page’?

I have created a Custom Post type with Page Capability, and created custom template for a page, but I dont have a Template selection drop

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