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Limit Words in Category / Term Description - Admin Panel

I’m working with a Taxonomy where the Terms have lengthy descriptions. It makes the Admin Panel look really ugly when WordPress tries to display these

Display posts of specific category term

I’m using this code to first display each category term as headlines and then display a post which is assigned each category term under the

Retrieve a specific field from taxonomy term through advanced custom fields [on hold]

I’ve set up a custom field which appears in a taxonomy terms page. I am trying pull an image associated with the custom taxonomy term

Long Query PHP error when using Advanced Taxonomy Term Order

I’m using Advanced Taxonomy Term Order plugin on my WP site and noticed these PHP errors in the log: [Wed Jun 25 09:13:25 2014] [error]

Term taxonomy into custom collection of objects

iPlease excuse if this is a very dumb question, I’ve been pulling at hair for two days on this and I just cannot seem to

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