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How to display a time based on a visitor’s localized time or location?

Currently I am running a WordPress soccer site named There I provide match time, news, result etc. I want to show the fixture’s time

Website Load time Issue

My WordPress site checks for youtube at load time. Youtube is blocked at my customer office network. How do I make an exception and load

google map info window show on random time

How can I make on google map info window to show on random pin every 3 seconds? Info window shows on a pin, then closes

How do I make 2 DIV’s with different heights reach the bottom of the page at the same time on scroll?

I’m trying to make the #content and #content-sidebar DIV’s of my WordPress blog reach the bottom and top of the page at the same time

Reset mime type every time WordPress media uploader is shown

I’creating a meta box for a custom port type in WordPress. The purpose of the said meta box is to allow the user to attach

What is the best solution for making 2 seperate DIVs of different height reach the footer at the same time?

How do I parallax the content and sidebar of my wordpress blog ( to reach the footer of the page at the same time even

How to Enable Social Login and Active Directory Login Methods at the same time for WordPress

I have a wordpress site using Social Login plugin for visitors from outside my organization and I want to enable the Active Directory Login for

PHP: Show content at certain time

New to PHP and wordpress. I’m trying to show different content at certain times (BST). e.g Breakfast content: 8am, Lunch content 1pm How would I

How to track ending time of any video in php? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How do you detect HTML5 video events? 8 answers I had a wordpress site.And I had a requirement

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