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Custom Post Type List View Column Height & Width

I created a custom post type for creating different type of charts in wordpress. And created a list view column to preview the chart created

Audio link built in custom post type template using ECPT shortcode does not render player on front end

I’m trying to get an audio player to display correctly in a WP custom post type, using a value from one of the meta fields

Dynamic date variables for custom post type query

I am querying a custom post type called ‘events’ which has a meta field called ‘event_date’ which is stored in date format. It is my

Single page problem when permalink type changed

I have a custom post type which i create and works perfect without any problem, its a team page to show some members in a

Sort by Custom Post Type (Multiple Loop)

I have changed my set-up slightly to have 2 separate post types “Premium Listing” and “Free Listing” and a taxonomy for Listing_category. Here is an

Costum post type with costum (sub)taxonomy

This question is probably asked before but my language not being natively english i cant really find the answer: I got a custom post type:

Using $seed on a custom post type for randomly displayed posts

I saw this link to display posts randomly without duplicating them. However how do you apply this to a custom post type? Below is what

How to make custom post type search template

I want to make a search page template for custom post type. I make search form, but i don’t get any idea for search template.

Create Custom Settings Page for WordPress Custom Post Type

I have a WordPress Custom Post Type that I have created. The CPT created fine and was added successfully to the WordPress menu. I created

Post type no single page

I have created a post type and I am trying to create a single page for that post type, I am creating a php file

How to show related posts by category or custom post type?

I’m looking for the best way to go about creating, probably, custom post type where you can filter in the categories related to that custom

Counting custom post type with wp_count_posts returns an empty object

For some reason the wp_counts_posts function returns an empty object if I use my custom post type’s name in the function’s parameter. The var_dump is:

How do write this type shortcode?

How to write this shortcode? or any alternative? echo do_shortcode (‘[gviewer file=”$att_url”]’); Please help someone? Read more here: How do write this type shortcode

WordPress incorrectly serving page with content type plain/text

I have a wordpress site that I host my blog on. Recently, without any (conscious) change to the configuration I started hitting issues where the

How to create custom post type visually?

Can there is any wordpress plug-in that create custom post type visually without writing php, html, js etc code Like Student Staid int StdName varchar

How to make custom post type single page

I make a custom post type “foo_work” and in theme folder, i make a folder “foo”, in foo folder i make “single-foo_work.php” but it does

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