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WordPress after updating user_login session ends

In wordpress I am allowing user to change/choose a new username, once he updates that, the moment he navigates to a new page, he is

Woo Commerce hook for updating a price only for the current user. PHP

I hope that someone may know the answer or guide me in the right direction on this. I have been looking unsuccessfully at how to

Woocommence `update_post_meta` is not updating database values

I creating a plugin that uses the update_post_meta function to update variation prices of products. If I have a product x (id:5) and a variation


I’ve been struggling with this problem for days and can’t find a solution. I’ve been updating my css and the changes are not reflected for

WordPress single.php page not updating

Here is all of the code inside the single.php page. I cleared the cache and all of the content that’s showing up on the ‘blog’

WooCoomerce: Custom Shipping needs updating on address change

I hope you can help. I’ve written a custom shipping plugin which works great, but it’s postcode dependant. When you enter your address the shipping

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