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WordPress Woocommerce - Custom upload field in checkout page

I would like to add a input field to upload a file during the checkout. How can I do this? Currently, I’ve added my field

Let wordpress site owner upload images to gallery page

I’ve created a WordPress theme using Twitter Bootstrap and have the basic bones of my site looking how I want. Now I want to create

How to upload image in wordpress?

I tried several times but couldn’t find appropriate solution. I used this code but I couldn’t actually failing to evaluate the arguments. Any help would

How do i use my WordPress login to sign in with FTP and upload files into the free space?

Sorry but i am being a bit of a noob with these questions. How do i login with my wordpress logins and upload a plugin

Contact form 7 file upload not sending mail

Hello and thanks for reading this. So my main problem is that i need to allow users to send an maximum 10mb file(doc / pdf).

wp_mail file attachment not being placed in upload folder?

I have a form where I want users to be able to select an image to upload. The image gets temporarily uploaded to the wp-content/uploads

Upload plugin to wordpress with php and curl

I am trying to upload a plugin on wordpress and activate it. I know I shouldn’t use curl and php for this, but it looks

wordpress create post from image upload

I have some code to create posts from uploading images into the media library, which is working fine: add_action('add_attachment', 'create_post'); function create_post( $attach_ID ) {

WordPress metabox file upload in custom post

I’m relatively new to wordpres development and am stuck at this issue. I have created a custom post type which shows up in the admin

Any plugin/hack to upload images/static content to another server

I was wondering if there is a way in which I can host WP on Server 1(such as Bluehost) and its wp-content/uploads folder in server

Category checkboxes in upload modal

In a project I’m working on, I’ve enabled categories for attachments using: register_taxonomy_for_object_type('category', 'attachment'); In the edit attachment screen in the Media Library you see

Upload files directly from system to web server without using html form in php

I am reading an excel file and inserting excel data to wordpress post by php code. I have also a folder of images in my

wordpress front end file upload?

I’m making front-end profiler in WordPress. I want to upload user photo/doc/pdf from front-end. My entire profile is on WordPress admin ajax. I simply want

Very simple upload form for wordpress plugin

I have a very simple plugin in my wordpress. Now i have a function and i use add_submenu_page to add that function to my main

wordpress attachments plugin missing upload filter

I have installed attachments plugin on my site For some reason when i hit the upload button the filter is missing (attached image) How is

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