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How to publically access a file uploaded via git to wp-content on openshift

I have just created an app on open shift and I have the WordPress example set up. The site works fine. I have git connected

Surround uploaded image link with div

When you upload image you have smth like this <a href="http://vitya/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/8.jpg"> <img class="alignnone size-Small x Big wp-image-65" src="http://vitya/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/8-286x398.jpg" alt="8" width="286" height="398" /> </a> I need

How to make this custom post type to have Bootstrap carousal for all images uploaded using media tab?

I have made a simple product custom post type as plugin. I want to display the images uploaded to the post in a bootstrap carousal.

How to set uploaded images directory by post id in wordpress ACF image?

I want to know how to set uploaded images directory by post id in wordpress ACF image using repeater. When i try with wp_insert_attachment, it

How to get a list of uploaded custom-background images in wordpress?

I’m building a theme and I’d like to use the ‘supersized’ script to rotate the background images. I’ve used the WP built-in customizer to upload

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