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In .htaccess of how to redirect urls after removing a word as a new structure applied

i have a WordPress site and recently i have changed the URLs structure and that cause a lot of NOT found errors as i found

How can I get all urls of enqueued scripts after wp_head()?

After wp_head(),global $wp_scripts,$wp_scripts contains all handles of enqueued scripts but urls. So how can I get all urls of enqueued scripts? Thanks! Read more here:

Rewrite URLs for SEO friendly with .htaccess on WordPress

I’m developing a website using WordPress (for articles, static pages, …) but in my theme folder I created a subsystem (handled via php-mysql that doesn’t

Using audio shortcode for .mp3 URLs with a query string

I’m trying to use the audio shortcode with an audio file with a query string on the end of the URL and it won’t work.

Image Url’s that don’t have file extensions

I am using a wordpress theme that imports products from an API. It pulls the images and sets them as the featured image. Here is

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