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Video is ignoring CSS height and width values

The video, and all videos i add to my page has height and width values set in CSS (via a shortcode) but it is just

Passing dynamic values to Gravity Form

I’m using Gravity Form Paypal Add-on for my payment system. What I actually need is: 1. Customer should select an event (It will redirect to

WordPress widget admin form updates values too late

I have a problem in a wirdpress widget: When i save the (edited) widget data in wp backend, the widget fields (of only this widget)

Send values with contact form 7 wordpress

I have a form having fields like this. <form action="http://localhost/brands/?page_id=14" method="get"> <p> <label>*Graphic Size:</label> <select name="size"> <option>6X6</option> </select> </p> <p> <label>*Frame Color:</label> <select name="color"> <option>Silver</option>

wp_editor unable to add array variable values

I’m having major headaches rendering multiple wp_editors within metabox textareas. I ‘think’ the main reason it’s falling down is I’m unable to pass variable values

Cant query custom meta box values to display codes

Im having trouble querying posts that I want to from a dropdown metabox in the posts.. I eventually aim to create metaboxes for featured post

Storing checkbox values in mysql

So one of my columns in my table has values like this a:2:{i:0;s:6:"Subbed";i:1;s:6:"Dubbed";} Right now it’s stored as longtext and I’ve heard that varchar is

Woocommence `update_post_meta` is not updating database values

I creating a plugin that uses the update_post_meta function to update variation prices of products. If I have a product x (id:5) and a variation

Create and submit link using two select drop down values

Working on a WordPress site. I need to create a navigation bar that is a form with two select boxes, and use their values to

Get list of taxonomy values

I am creating a taxonomy like this, $labels = array( 'name' => _x( 'Categories', 'taxonomy general name', 'mynewsletter' ), 'singular_name' => _x( 'Category', 'taxonomy singular

How to echo an stdClass Object Array’s array values

I have an array within an STDClass object as my select options. I cannot understand how to echo its values. var $fields = array( array(

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