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carrying custom wordpress query variable throughout session

I’m creating a wordpress site that needs to have two distinct versions. The changes in the two are only frontend, and will be very minimal

Variable Parent drop-down stay open showing All Attributes no matter what child is selected.

I’m trying to figure out how to keep the parent drop-down to always show the attributes no matter what size is chosen via the child

WordPress Cannot re-assign auto-global variable _POST

I have a plugin that was working until recently. One morning I woke up to my website being down. I disabled the plugin and when

Variable inside array in WordPress

I have some problem here with some code in WordPress. <?php $output=""; foreach($type2 as $t) {$output.= "'".$t->slug."',"; } echo $output; ?> This code outputs this:

PHP Variable within WordPress shortcode

I need to use a shortcode but insert the variables the customer enters into the shortcode. I have tried to use the below: echo do_shortcode('[su_accordion][su_spoiler

Variable string in wordpress page permalink

I have a page in wordpress which shows all registered users in a table. When clicked on a user you’ll be redirected to their user

wp_editor unable to add array variable values

I’m having major headaches rendering multiple wp_editors within metabox textareas. I ‘think’ the main reason it’s falling down is I’m unable to pass variable values

Unable to pass variable from jQuery/AJAX to PHP

I’m trying to pass the Post ID of an Option in a Select Drop Down field in Gravity Forms through jQuery/AJAX in order to be

Processing Form Variable with Square Bracket [….]

I am migrating some PHP code where we process a shopping cart form before passing it through to Woocommerce. One of the names of a

WordPress/PHP - Need to call a widget’s variable inside a template that’s being called by the widget

Ok, so I’m creating a theme for WordPress that allows customization to the user through widgets. The homepage is essentially one gigantic widgetized area, and

$GLOBALS[‘hook_suffix’] variable empty

I’m trying to implement the code to add a custom post status from my plugin, exactly as given in this tutorial: Now, it isn’t

PHPStorm variable warnings

I code in PHPStorm and include wp-admin and wp-include in my path, but get code inspection warnings related to undefined / unused variables. Should I

Plugin - Woocommerce variable product add to cart not working

I have one question…My plugin woocommerce don’t working perfectly. My single products working perfectly but when i put one variable product i can’t add the

Javascript variable is not working

I’m trying to add a background image slider in my WordPress theme. But I need to add a JavaScript variable to slider function to get

Passing a php variable to javascript inside php function that echos js code

I’m coding a plug-in for WP and I’m writing a JavaScript script to the head of the page document using php’s echo. I need to

Variable not working in WP_Query

I have used this technique before and cannot work out why this time it is not working. ‘news_category’ is a custom taxonomy of my custom

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