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I am trying to copy a entire website e-commerce system locally, How do i do it?

I have trying to download a whole working e - commerce website. I keep getting stuck. Its a website using Magento + WordPress. I have

Problems in my website when are open in Internet Explorer 8

Well…i try to explain my problem: I made a new website and it’s works in Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome…but I’m seen one problem: When

Problems in my website when opened in Internet Explorer 8

Well … I’ll try to explain my problem: I made a new website and it’s works in Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome… but I’ve seen

Website Load time Issue

My WordPress site checks for youtube at load time. Youtube is blocked at my customer office network. How do I make an exception and load

How to redirect a subdomain to a website directory

I have a main site hosted on Heroku and a WordPress blog hosted on Bluehost. To get to the blog, a user types in

Schedule on website not at the top

I am using wordpress and all in one calendar and I can not seem to get the calendar to be on the top next to

How to integrate forum into our WordPress website as well as android, ios apps?

We are planning to implement forum to our wordpress website as well as Android and IOS apps How would we implement this functionality to provide

H1 tag CSS Issue - One Side Hanging low on WordPress website

I am scratching my head as to what I’ve done here in my H1 Logo The first image shows what is messed up and the

placing an iStay booking mask interface into wordpress hotel website

Can somebody help us to place a booking mask interface provide by Travel Click into a wordpress hotel website? The code is for placing an

mySQL queries are executed twice on wordpress website

I’m sorry for my english. I’m trying to add some functionalities at my WordPress website and to do this i have added a function in

How to integrate wordpress as CMS for external website?

I have a site where i need to control the content by external site like, WordPress or Joomla or drupal. HOw can i do it?

PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser works on localhost but not live WordPress website

I am working with a WordPress plugin that outputs a table of data on the plugin’s admin page. I have modified the plugin to add

Is it possible to get analytics on PAST website activity - WordPress

Is there a way with Google Analytics, or maybe with something else, to get the old analytics information on the wordpress website? I have not

Inspecting element on wordpress website shows wrong line number

Whenever I inspect an element on my wordpress website it shows the element as being on line 1 of http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content/themes/ignite/style.min.css?ver=1.19 instead of the correct line

How to edit the contents of website with any cms

I built a website in php, the website includes lots of contents, these contents have to be updated in a regular basis. But I find WORDPRESS WEBSITE

When visiting a wrong page on my WP website it shows up and not 404.php.Please,help me!Maybe a .htacces file will work even if I

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