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How to Display Product specific to a category with WooCommerce Plugin in widgets?

I’m using plugin Woocommerce to do shop online. I have many categories for example shoes, clothes and so on. How can I display the products

WordPress/PHP - Need to call a widget’s variable inside a template that’s being called by the widget

Ok, so I’m creating a theme for WordPress that allows customization to the user through widgets. The homepage is essentially one gigantic widgetized area, and

Randomize widgets displayed in my sidebar

I have a sidebar which might have any number of widgets. I can count the number of widgets that exist in the sidebar. How do

dynamic_sidebar write "1" after all widgets

My problem is that for some reason, a “1” appears after all the widgets. It does not matter what kind of widget I put in

Jetpack Extra Sidebar Widgets Not Appearing

I’ve got Jetpack installed on my WP site. This is my first time using it by the way. I’m trying to install Jetpack’s Extra Sidebar

Word press: How to make posts to have category specific sidebars with the widgets

I’m new to WordPress, I’m using Divi theme to build my website.My client wants News and Blog page on the same site, i did using

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