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Video is ignoring CSS height and width values

The video, and all videos i add to my page has height and width values set in CSS (via a shortcode) but it is just

Custom Post Type List View Column Height & Width

I created a custom post type for creating different type of charts in wordpress. And created a list view column to preview the chart created

Revolution slider caption width

My revolution slider captions width is 100%. It is not creating linebreaks and so my slider captions will fall outside the page container. How can

Scrollbar width making content unable to center correctly

First of all, the link: This site was party created in Adobe Muse, partly in WordPress. The Navigation is Muse, rest is WordPress. To

Replacing Image Source Value With a PHP Variable Based on Device Width

I’d like to be able to able to swap an img’s src value with a variable created in PHP. I currently am using javascript to

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