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How to add product categories dropdown in Shop page only on woocommerce?

I’m using this short code in shop page [product_categories number=”12″ parent=”0″] It works fine. But I have to display product categories drop down [product_categories_dropdown orderby=”title”

How to remove thousand separator in woocommerce prices

I would like to display prices without thousand separator (NOT like this €1,698.00). How to disable this comma? Read more here: How to remove thousand

Woocommerce when deleting a product, automatically also delete the product gallery and product image

I was trying the following: when a product page gets deleted (permanently), it should also delete the: product gallery and product image which are attached

Changing the Purchase Button - Woocommerce

I have to hide the possibility to buy for not logged in users (whole domain or store) Ex: If a user is NOT logged in

How do I make an archive template for custom woocommerce taxonomy?

I have created a new taxonomy for products on woocommerce. Now, when I go to the taxonomy view and it shows 404. how do i

WordPress Woocommerce - Custom upload field in checkout page

I would like to add a input field to upload a file during the checkout. How can I do this? Currently, I’ve added my field

WooCommerce product has ‘product image’ but no ‘featured image’

I am using WooCommerce 2.1.3 with a custom theme. The custom theme grabs the ‘featured image’ from pages and used it to stretch and display

Woocommerce shop sidebar widget not displaying

This is something that I’ve been scratching my head over for a few hours now. I’m using WordPress 3.9.1 with the Muzak theme and have

Woocommerce & on scroll javascript conflict

I’m using a feature for when the user scrolls my navigation bar changes CSS. It works fine until I install woocommerce plugin using the canvas

Woocommerce API POST/PUT product

I just red thru the WooCommerce REST API Is it not possible to create products in the WooCommerce onlineshop using just the REST API?

How to load thankyou.php template on woocommerce

I am developing a wordpress woocommerce theme. I am wondering how can I see thankyou.php template without making the payment. Only for development purpose, I

Woocommerce - adding an edit button to pending orders for customers

I’ve setup my woocommerce store so that a site administrator can create orders for customers and then notify them so they can login, view the

WooCommerce JS issue on checkout

I have a big problem with my site. I`m using latest version of WooCommerce (2.1.12) but there is a problem with checkout. Checkout works if

WordPress (Woocommerce) get second image attached to product

I’ve searched everywhere for this and didn’t find the help I needed but I thought this would have been a common query. I’m building a

How to add default text in product’s short description woocommerce

I have installed woocommerce, so I have products. In the page where you create products (in the backend, when you click ‘add new product’) there

woocommerce set billing first name

I’m trying to find a woocommerce method that will allow me to set the billing and or shipping first name. The customer class will allow

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