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how to add login and logout button after proceed to pay in woocommerce?

I have been working on shopping website.All I need is before proceeding to payment user should be asked to log in and after purchase he

woocommerce custom added to cart message determined by product category

im trying to detect a product category when the user adds an item to the cart in woocommerce. So that they get a different ‘added

How to add product to cart in WooCommerce using JavaScript

Is it possible to add a product to cart with a new price using JavaScript? I have been working on a little script that calculates

How to Display Product specific to a category with WooCommerce Plugin in widgets?

I’m using plugin Woocommerce to do shop online. I have many categories for example shoes, clothes and so on. How can I display the products

WooCommerce Order canceled after payment done

I am using WordPress 3.9.1, WooCommerce 2.1.12, and WC USAePay Gateway 1.2.2. Multiple time our customer told us the money gets deducted on checkout page

WooCommerce Email style - remove default styling

When generating customer emails, WooCommmerce defines a set of tags here for which they apply a default hardcoded style. /** * style_inline_tags function. * *

Trying to locate and bulk edit WooCommerce prices in MySQL

I have roughly 10,000+ products in WooCommerce version 2.1.12, WordPress version 3.9.1 and through an import error, the sale price field was populated with a

How to export products from Magento to Woocommerce?

I need to move my 100s of products from Magento ver. to WooCommerce 2.1.11. Is there any way to do this. I have searched

Woocommerce product variations without using javascript

Is it possible to have a fall back method for Woocommerce product variations for users without javascript? The checkout page has a paragraph about not

AJAX issue with WooCommerce add to basket

I have nearly completed a site using WooCommerce now and everything appears to be working as I want, except for one thing. I have some

Woocommerce auto redirect to payment gateway on clicking place order button

I use latest version of woo-commerce and payU money payment gateway. After I click on place order button in checkout, by selecting payUmoney payment gateway,

How to edit the order page of woocommerce admin in wordpress How can i edit the woocommerce admin order page in code. Need help. Read more here: How to edit the order page of woocommerce

Woocommerce custom fcheckout fileds - -how to display at summary and user page

I’ve added two custom fields to my checkout form - first to collect VAT ID, second to company name (default company name field being turned

trying to add to cart in woocommerce for product with variations

I’m trying to create a link to add a product with variations directly to the car but it’s not working. ANy ideas what to use?

wooCommerce display Attribute description on single product page

Hey there guys I’m developing for and on our single products page we would like to show the attributes description under the checkout button.

WooCommerce AJAX on add to basket not always working

I have an interesting issue with a WooCommerce instal which is actually two issues around the same thing (I think). Issue 1 The first is

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