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How to let wordpress automatically add a featured image?

I am trying to let wordpress automatically add a featured image at new posts. Conditions: The post category id must be 3 Each author/user has

Copying images from one folder to another folder in wordpress issue

I want to move my files and images folder from plugin folder to theme folder. I move my files to another folder successfully and make

WordPress plugin inner join tables

I’m making this plugin for my site where I can generate some coupons for the users. I wrote a plugin and I’m listing all the

Very simple upload form for wordpress plugin

I have a very simple plugin in my wordpress. Now i have a function and i use add_submenu_page to add that function to my main

WordPress Blog page not displaying posts

I am customising a WordPress blog page from a theme and for some reason it doesn’t display the posts I am posting now, just ones

jquery not working in wordpress plugin

I have been working on a custom website and have decided to use a plugin to modify wordpress to what I need but so far

How can I remove the horizontal scroll bar on my WordPress site?

I have recently all of a sudden had a horizontal scroll bar show up on the bottom of my website. Does anyone know how to

Page without directory in WordPress. how?

when I create pages on WordPress where the WordPress make directories I mean when you have a page there is a directory too for eg.

Critical error in WordPress Blog

I have just updated All in one SEO plugin in my WP blog. And suddnly my blog is not work. Following error messages is coming

Renaming the slug of my custom post type in wordpress doesnt work anymore and keeps the old slug

I have been working on a WordPress theme for a few weeks now and i am facing the following problem: I have a custom post

wordpress attachments plugin missing upload filter

I have installed attachments plugin on my site For some reason when i hit the upload button the filter is missing (attached image) How is

Facebook Open-graph Tag for multiple authors in WordPress

I’ve been trying to add facebook article:author metatag to wordpress, unfortunately I have no idea how to add it for multiple authors. This is what

Image quality losses when a image embed to wordpress page

Hi I’m creating a wordpress website. When i added a image to wordpress page, its quality totally lost. its look like blurred image. The image

wordpress Subscribe into admin dashboard instead of send email

I want when user Subscribe post in wordpress instead of sending email send posts of Subscribe to admin dashboard.can anyone help? Thanks Read more here:

How to check theme has "Articles" folder in wordpress

I am working on a plugin. Now my hierarchy is user install my plugin and make a folder “articles” in current theme. And my function

WordPress is suppressing page extensions!

I’ve built 2 sites on WordPress. In both of them, I did two things: Created a slug for each page. In Settings > Permalink Settings,

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