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WordPress - GSpeech plugin using in website, without wordpress

I am making a website in php(I am using codeigniter framework). I want to convert text to speech in my site ( user can listen

How to add the author name in wordpress manually through coding

Recently I bought a template from I have an issue with this template. I am unable to display the author name on the blog

GSpeech using in website, without wordpress

Maybe my question is off-topic or something else, but I need a help, and I believe that, the site members can help me more than

Multiple Portfolio instances in WordPress

I’m working on a real estate agent website and I’m using Adament theme found here The problem is, I need 2 Portfolio instances, one on

WordPress Plugin WooCommerce, Custom Payment Gateway Settings Not Saving

I’m working on a custom payment gateway for the WordPress plugin WooCommerce. I cannot seem to save the settings for the payment gateway. When I

WordPress endpoint for edit customer throws 404

I am using like it said on the wordpress site directly. When I use the edit-account endpoint it throws a 404. I am using

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