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How to write a Javascript function inside the functions.php of WordPress?

I’m altering a plugin on developer recommendations (, See latest post), which advices to write a bit of Javascript in the functions.php of WordPress. Now,

dynamic_sidebar write "1" after all widgets

My problem is that for some reason, a “1” appears after all the widgets. It does not matter what kind of widget I put in

How do write this type shortcode?

How to write this shortcode? or any alternative? echo do_shortcode (‘[gviewer file=”$att_url”]’); Please help someone? Read more here: How do write this type shortcode

How to write shortcode in templates

I’m using and customized follow plugins. Now I’m upload one PDF file using buddypress docs. Now I want PDF show via Simple google

Easy way to write complex queries in wordpress

I want to run one sql query like this in wordpress. Just wanted to know if there is an easy way to do this in

Make users write arabic only in my wordpress template

i want make users write Arabic only in any TextBox in my WordPress , and if any user write English want to show a validation

how can i write dynamically text in head tag header.php

I am working on plugin, i want to write a text line between head tag in header.php For example: when a user install and activate

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