I have roughly 10,000+ products in WooCommerce version 2.1.12, WordPress version 3.9.1 and through an import error, the sale price field was populated with a “0” in every product, thereby making every product now free.

So, what I need to do, of course, is a query to remove all of them, but I just can not seem to find the tables the prices are in.

I did an extensive search, I think, trying to find this in both Google and here. The closest I came was this question:

Need to get productdata out of mysql database

which looks as though it’s in the meta fields, but I can not visually see them there.
Anyone know the specifics of where to find the prices, and maybe a tad bit of help on the query structure?

Thanks for your time,


Read more here: Trying to locate and bulk edit WooCommerce prices in MySQL


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