Right now I have this website http://codem.dk/ here I have some link to some drills that I share in a group on FB and im using google analytic.

It’s a TYPO3 page, and im building a new WordPress page http://test.codem.dk/
It’s a test page, so when ready I will transfer it from the sub domain to the master-root.

My question is…

I have made this page test.codem.dk/blog/ its shows the blog threads, but if I make a new blog thread with the title “vurdering & evaluering af spillere” I get this link test.codem.dk/vurdering-evaluering-af-spillere/ but I want it to use the old link, so how can I add /blog/artikel/item/ so I can use the FB share/like info and pagerank(I will not use the /blog/artikel/item/ on other pages then the blog threads), so I get the link test.codem.dk/blog/artikel/item/vurdering-evaluering-af-spillere/ like on the TYPO3 page now codem.dk/blog/artikel/item/vurdering-evaluering-af-spillere/


Is it better to make the new link as it do test.codem.dk/vurdering-evaluering-af-spillere/ but how can i then redirect the old link codem.dk/blog/artikel/item/vurdering-evaluering-af-spillere/ to the new link in WordPress and will it use the FB like/share info this way and keep the pagerank ?

Im new so can only add 2 links, so I have not added http for all the links..

Read more here: use of permalink or 301 redirect plugin


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