I was wondering what permalink structure to use. Made some reads. Many say use %category%/%postname%. Others point out that starting with numbers is better. This thread also recommends %year% before other things.

My concert is almost to survive-ability of a post. %year% is nice but to me something should use the post-id. Actually I think wordpress, no matter what permalink you use, should always use post id. So if you have example.com/postname, sharing example.com/postID should always redirect you to that post no matter the permalink you have. Anyways, I’m going sideways here…

So to me right now seems the best choice is to always start the permalink with %post_id% because even if you have %post_id%/%year%/%month%/%day%/%category%/%postname% if you share with people example.com/92 it will always lead them to the correct post. No matter if some category was changed, name changed, etc. It will live on.

Right now I’m using /%post_id%/%postname%/ but I can change that anytime, add more blocks, without having links failing as long as I share them with the format: example.com*/postID. Of course I can’t control how other people share them.

Since the discussions I’ve found are a bit older I would like to know what’s the standard today.

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