I’m running woocommerce under the wootique wordpress theme. Here’s a link to my site.

Since Paypal is the only payment processor, I wanted the text under the paypal button to be more ‘prominent’. Bigger font size, maybe a different colour.

I tried adding the following code to my CSS, but that didn’t change anything, even with the !important tag:

#payment .payment_box p {
color: #ee4122;

According to Firefox that is the right element and even editing the ul.payment_methods .payment_box p directly in my theme’s style.css doesn’t change anything.

I seem to be stuck. I’d really appreciate it if anyone could take a quick look (you may have to add the item to your cart for the checkout page to show up properly!)

Thank you in advance!

Read more here: Woocommerce checkout page text for Paypal


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