This is something that I’ve been scratching my head over for a few hours now.

I’m using WordPress 3.9.1 with the Muzak theme and have installed Woocommerce 2.1.12.

I wanted to replace the default sidebar content (pages, archives and categories) that was displaying on the shop pages for something more appropriate, so I went to Appearance/Widgets and found a widget area called Shop Sidebar. Great I thought, so I dragged a couple of the Woocommerce widgets into this area and saved it, thinking that when I went back to the shop pages my new sidebar would appear - wrong! It still displays the standard WordPress sidebar content and nothing that I do seems to make any difference.

Is there something that I’m missing? Something that I’m failing to grasp? It seems a straightforward enough exercise but apparently not!

Any help or advice would be gratefully received :)


Read more here: Woocommerce shop sidebar widget not displaying


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