I am using Advanced Custom Fields sub_field on WordPress to add images to a page to create a simple gallery view.

Here is my code which works great for displaying all of the images that I add to these sub_fields.

   <?php while(has_sub_field('content_work')): ?>
    <div class="workPost <?php the_sub_field('size'); ?>">
     <img src="<?php the_sub_field('image'); ?>" class="img-responsive"/>
   <?php endwhile; ?>
 <?php endif; ?>

Is it possible to create a subfield which only shows the first 5 sub_fields then adds a navigation to load more/show next of the posts? This way staggering the amount that load and allowing the user to choose if they want to load more of the sub_field posts or not.

Read more here: WordPress add navigation to number of posts of sub_field


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