I created an online registration form for my Little League website using Contact Form 7. I have installed the Datepicker plugin which works fine. What I am trying to do is display the League age based on the DOB (entered with Datepicker) - “2014-04-30″

I have it working with this outside of Contact Form 7:

onSelect: function(value, ui) {
    var today = new Date(), 
        dob = new Date(value), 
        Lage = new Date("2014-04-30"),
        age = new Date(Lage - dob).getFullYear() - 1970;
maxDate: '+0d',
yearRange: '1920:2010',
changeMonth: true,
changeYear: true


But I would like to use Contact Form 7 and have the result display in a text box i.e.

[text LL_Age id:L_age]

Thanks for any help.

Read more here: WordPress Contact 7 Datepicker calculate league age


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