WordPress multisite rest API

I have a question. I created a WordPress Multisite. And the Rest API for my site and subdomain does not work with this site https://cjdropshipping.com/.(I gave them the api key and authorized my store (to read & write). It worked perfectly until I created my multisite network . I am not a techie by any means.
The problem is that I can not list the product from: https://cjdropshipping.com/ to neither of my sites jakabstore.com and magyar.jakabstore.com.
And also the the automated ordering process does not work, when somebody orders from my site- https://cjdropshipping.com/ -should be abel to see the order

Can you please direct me in the right direction so that I could solve the problem? I would much appreciate any help. Bests Jakab

Read more here:: WordPress multisite rest API

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