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How to redirect a subdomain to a website directory

I have a main site hosted on Heroku and a WordPress blog hosted on Bluehost. To get to the blog, a user types in

Redirect preview single post link to a page

I have custom post types setup such that the items don’t have or need single-post pages. The posts will be displayed via a custom query

In .htaccess of how to redirect urls after removing a word as a new structure applied

i have a WordPress site and recently i have changed the URLs structure and that cause a lot of NOT found errors as i found

PHP code to redirect contact form to thank you page

I hope someone may help me with the following issue. I want to create a new page in WordPress (i.e. The reason for this

This webpage has a redirect loop. Error code: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

I am migrating a word press site from one Ubuntu server to another Ubuntu server.I have changed all the word press URL’s in the database.

redirect to current page wp-login

I am not very advanced in php. I found function that i can use in WP header – then when login from “small green box”

Redirect WordPress URL with htaccess

I’m trying to redirect a certain url (actually I have several hundred) to another URL with the following code, but it’s not working. The htaccess

Woocommerce auto redirect to payment gateway on clicking place order button

I use latest version of woo-commerce and payU money payment gateway. After I click on place order button in checkout, by selecting payUmoney payment gateway,

Ajax +wordpress onClick link redirect to new page and create html content

i have two pages in my wordpress plugin index.php charts.php in index.php i have some content and some link.. <a onclick=”show_trend()” >Trend</a> while clicking this

Unable to login + Redirect loop on mobile

When I try to login to my wordpress page, I’m stuck in the loginpage without any CSS. Filling in the correct logins doesn’t get me

.htaccess redirect URL last part to same URL query strings value?

In my wordpress site I need do do below redirect. to the Here lon-mayf can be anything. I’ve tried below code in .htaccess

.htaccess redirect URL last part to same URL POST value?

In my wordpress site I need do do below redirect. to the I’ve tried below code in .htaccess file after # END WordPress

301 redirect for html files in one directory only to Custom Post Type in WordPress

I am struggling to get my head around an htaccess rule to redirect requests for an html file to go to a custom post. I

Exchange Ecommerce Plugin Problem With Redirect

Well as the title of the post states I have a big problem. I have no freakin’ idea whats going on and maybe some of

Facebookapplication redirect to facebookpage when visited outside facebook

Ive seen this done in other projects but I would like to get my facebookapplication to redirect to the correct facebook tab url when visited

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