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Practical example of Actions vs Filters hook? I found this articles defining both Actions hook:Actions are events in the WordPress page lifecycle when certain things have occurred – certain resources are

How to use do_action_ref_array

I have a plugin which has this method in it that is supposed to have a hook for custom validation. I have two issues: I’m

How to access page variable inside action hook

I have an action hook which simply displays a contact form for signup: add_action(‘woocommerce_single_product_summary’,’add_product_signup’, 10, 2); function add_product_signup() { do_shortcode(‘[contact-form-7 id=”20709″ title=”Product Sale Notification Signup”]’);

Event-Driven Pattern vs MVC?

In general terms what is it that the MVC framework differs from Event Driven Pattern? Is it even comparable? eg.: Codeigniter vs WordPress I mean

What does WordPress do if I save a post without content/title?

I’ve created (as part of a theme) a few metaboxes for my post type. The metaboxes allow the user to interact with different instances of

Execute JavaScript in WordPress Hook

I want to execute a JavaScript code when someone place order on my Woocommerce site i googled and find this action hook add_action( ‘woocommerce_checkout_order_processed’, ‘function_name’,

WordPress Logout Failure

We recently started experiencing an issue in 4.7 where admin can’t logout. We added this fix as it was the only one that works. However

Make Swiss users pay no tax in checkout

Within wordpress/woocommerce there are two functions for checking if the customer is VAT-exempt and for setting the ability to true or false. is_vat_exempt() & set_is_vat_exempt()

Need data from two different actions

I have two functions on my functions.php Both functions are from a plugin and I’m trying to use this variable $answerIndex in the other action

$new_pass always returns null – password_reset hook

I am trying to catch the username and the new password to update it on the backup server. I need to fetch $new_pass but the

Add query string variables to all hyperlinks URL in my site

I need to add in the end of any URL in my site (Internal URL OR External URL) this string : So I want

Hook inside a hook

I’m hooking into the_editor_content to add a signature to new posts. However, when a user edits their post the content is lost and replaced with

Modify a function without editing template

I’m wondering how I can modify a function without touching the template file. The following function is called in my theme in the template-functions.php file:

Trigger WooCommerce Email on Custom Order Actions

So, I have been experimenting all day and researching the whole web, and I cant seem to get this action to work — basically I’m

Unhook WooCommerce Subscriptions email

I’m trying to prevent sending a new renewal order email, if the subscription price is zero. I’m using woocommerce_order_status_completed hook for this. I know how

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