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How is the single category page called and how does it know which posts to show?

I downloaded a blank theme and it has a category.php file that’s not referenced anywhere in the code, but still appears when I try to

Show only the parent atributes of products in the sidebar

Is there an option, to show only the parent atributes of products in the sidebar? EG. One of my product attributes property is “Material” and

How do I retrieve the category ID (ugly permalinks) in my sub-navigation menu?

I have recently faced multiple issues with a theme developed with in mind pretty permalinks when moving back to ugly ones (for a number of

Category Text Not Disappering After Adding New Category?

Whenever i add a new category the category text remains on the text bar but in normal conditions it will disappears after adding a new

Restrict 1 post per category

I have a multi author blog. I only want each category to be able to have 1 post assigned to it. In other words, after

display a link to all the categories of current post, including parents

amazingly, this seems to be hard, and I don’t see the answer anywhere online. simply list all the category of the current post (on single.php),

Is it possible to restrict viewing of category PAGE to logged in users only?

I want to block the category page so that only logged in users can view the category page. I’m not talking about the posts in

Categories and Tags returning 404 on the sidebar when using ugly permalinks

I am using “ugly” permalinks and they are fine in index.php and single.php. I also have a template called sidebar.php that builds a sidebar when

Previous/next post links displaying wrong category than is desired

Okay, I’ve combed the internet, raked the Codex, fiddled with code, and am still having one issue with my code. It-sort of-works. But not quite

How to make custom taxonomy check boxes like ‘Categories’

Right now I have a custom taxonomy for my custom post type case_study. Everything is working just find except for the fact that when creating

Blog post from hompage show by specific category and hour

I have posts on my page but what I want it’s to organize the homepage like that: Show the post by category and hour. For

Setting default category base on theme activation

I’m trying to set a custom category base upon theme activation which also don’t allow user to change it. If user tries to change it,

Custom Post Slug same as Parents Category Slug

i have remove /category/ slug on my URLs with Yoast SEO …, and i have category with parent and child.. example anime —- chuunibyou —-

Renaming default category taxonomy?

Is it possible to rename the default “Category” to any certain name? Like Example: “Genre”? So that the permalink will be Or creating a

How to Add Default Content for all Category Pages Before and After Content?

I have a coupon site and my main content is under category (store) pages. I want to add default content to all stores so that

Conditional Site Logo(Category Based)

I’m trying to setup a multi-topic blog. My topics are: Food Lifestyle Fiction Digital Reality I have 4 different logos for each category and want

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