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Reply to a specific comment?

Is there a way to have a hidden field or something in order to place the comment form in a template and have the comments

Change hyperlink to User Registration page instead of WordPress login page

It’s confusing for unregistered users when they find this statement “You must be logged in to post a comment.” takes them to the WordPress login

Necessary to have a comments.php if there are no comments?

For a totally-custom WP site, is it necessary to have the theme-required pages like comments.php and single.php (which would be blank files in the folder)

New user is not created from anonymous comment even after adding in code

Trying to create new user when they leave an anonymous comment and fill in the required username, email, pass. However, no user is created, it

How to send a custom confirmation email to users who made a comment?

I’m trying to register new users who commented without making them go through the registration process. I have three fields for anonymous users which I

How can I change the Website field for comments into a Password field?

Using my other question I want to convert the anonymous comment form into generating a new user automatically. In order to do this really I

How do I convert users who put an email and username for a comment into registered users?

I want to make all new commenters have a new account without them having to go through any registration process. That way if they use

cancel reply link results in false links

Our blog is in a subdirectory of the webpage When clicking the cancel comment style=”display:none;”>cancel reply links to – which results in 404

cancel reply link results in 404 error

Our blog is in a subdirectory of the WebPage Here is an example of a cancel reply link: style=”display:none;”>cancel reply As you can see,

comment_notes_before not working

In my code, comment_notes_before doesn’t show anything. <?php $args = array( ‘class_form’ => ‘add_review’, ‘label_submit’ => __( ‘Leave a review’ ), ‘comment_notes_before’ => ‘Before’, ‘comment_field’

Disqus deleted comments are syncing with wordpress but active comments do not

And the sync is also not being automatic, I have to go in the Sync Comments option. I’ve tried almost everything and none of them

Sort users by comment count

I can’t believe that there is nowhere where I can find an answer to this and I have spent a few days now trying to

How to Orderby Comments by post title?

Whatever I tried so far didn’t work. So I started looking everywhere for a few days now, trying to figure out how to order comments

How can I include the user id inside of a shortcode php output?

For the shortcode I am using, the developer of the plugin only added the ability to output content via the shortcode. So the shortcode is

Invalid Comment ID

My website URL is and I m using Beginner theme by theme-junkie. The problem is, whenever someone comments on one of my posts I

Disqus comments count taking long to update

When I post something the count not appears, it takes between 10 minutes to 1 hour or even more sometimes to appear the counter with

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