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create Custom post templete for plugin

I am creating a plugin event maker . Where user will create their own events list … for these I want to create a custom

WordPress Custom Post Type Displaying only one latest post In Admin

I have 1 custom post type; and I notice that in admin when I go to all posts (of the custom post type) page it

WordPress – How to make custom post type archive title work?

Im using yoast and I have set a custom post type title like this %%ct_Vehicle_model%% used cars for sale in %%ct_vehicle_locaton%% %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%% using

How to make WordPress SEO Yoast custom post type archive title work?

I have set a custom post type title like this %%ct_Vehicle_model%% used cars for sale in %%ct_vehicle_locaton%% %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%% using this variable from yoast

Show "Republished" badge when Post Date is manipulated

I am transitioning from Drupal to WordPress and I love the way WordPress handles pretty much every aspect. Although the transition is smooth I have

Save not working with radio button in frontend

I’ve created 2 CPTs; Customers and Rating. On the frontend of Customers I’ve created a radio rating function. Each visitor can give a rating of

Custom Post Type ignoring Primary Category

I have a website listing holiday accommodation. My problem is that if i choose multiple categories for the accommodation, the URL is rewritten using the

How Can I change ‘Post’ to say ‘News’ on front end?

I am using the code below to change the post type ‘Post’ to say ‘News’ on the dashboard. // Function to change “posts” to “news”

WordPress: wp_query doesn’t work well when post_type and category_name both arguments are passed

Test 1: $args = array( ‘posts_per_page’ => 10, ‘post_type’ => ‘page’, ); $query = new WP_Query( $args ); print_r($query); The result: WP_Query Object ( [query]

Get post count for search result based on post type

I am trying to display the search result based on custom post type in sections. and if no search result for post type I do

connect users to Custom post types

I’ve created a Custom Post Type to manage Events and now, i would like the users of my site (only registered ones) to be able

Calculating Bayesian average for custom post type

I have a custom post type called entries, which holds contestants for a competition. There is a 5 star rating function, the ratings are stored

Saving problems with post_meta

I’ve created two custom post types called ‘Customers’ and ‘Rating’. Now I can save the data of the customers and the ratings. But what I

Without base slug CPT is not working with AMP

I have created custom post type “services” and “quotation” but when i removed CPT base slug from url, amp pages are not working. For example

Integrate Calendar Plugin with Custom Post Types

I would like to integrate a custom post type with The Events Calendar or EventOn (or other) plugins. The calendar plugin will be used to

User to register on events (custom type)

I’m trying to build an event custom post type (no problem so far). Now I would like to allow my site users to “register” to

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