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"nodeValue.replace" and WordPress Visual Editor contents

I am using to change the spelling of certain words on my WordPress site. In this case, changing the “colour/color” spellings based on US/CA

How to do Bootstrap Gird Custom Post Type loop for WordPress?

I’ve created a custom post type called ‘portfolio’ and am looking to create the loop in 2 columns and 3 columns and also using Advanced

Having Issues with Genesis Child Theme and Metaslider plugin

So this site I’m working on is set up with a Genesis child theme, and it seems like everything on the homepage/ in the sidebar

WordPress galleries not working jquery issue? Hope someone can help! No matter what gallery plugin I use, the gallery just wont work. The images always show one below the other.

How to call custom jQuery plugins into the customizer controls

I never tried to use the theme customizer, somehow I don’t find that thing good. But recently I tried it, and stuck into this matter.

Co_authors are displayed in alphabetical order

And i need them to be displayed by the order they were edited by. For eg, the 1st author should always be the one who

Update shipping method by flat_rate – Woocommerce

I made a custom select input in my checkout form in Woocommerce which looks like this: <select name=”billing_zone” id=”billing_zone” class=”select ” data-placeholder=””> <option class=”zone” id=”10″

Better way to write this AJAX call?

I have a script to make a header image full screen. It’s working fine but I’m sure their is a better way to do it

How to populate dropdown list based on selection of another dropdown (WordPress Form Maker)

I’m trying to populate a second dropdown list based on selection from a first dropdown list using WordPress plugin Form Maker by WebDorado. I have

map show breakable line on marker when zooming

I am getting the issue white line over the markers when zoom in the map. Anybody who can suggest me something to fix it. Read

WordPress – Add custom fileld with jquery place autocomplete and google map

I want to make a custom field with the following option: a textbox with auto complete place picker a google map that when user choose

WordPress SSL Remove mystery style loading have tried to deregister

I have an existing wordpress website that I have installed a ssl certificate on, there is one style that seems to be loading that is

How to load custom Jquery libraries in WordPress?

I’m trying to use a bootstrap theme called Reen with WordPress and have been learning how to make a WordPress theme with it. I’ve got

Force woocommerce product variable dropdowns

I am using woocommerce and have 5 variable products on one page. They all use a attributes of height, width and color. What I would

Modal form with required recaptcha

I am trying to use recaptcha in my form, and I followed as I could the instructions of the most voted answer of this question.

How can I add a scroll/see more feature to my ‘Latest Products’ on the WooCommerce platform?

I have created a ‘Latest Products’ loop by inserting the following code into my ‘index.php’ file: <section id=”recent”> <h1>Recently Added</h1> <ul class=”row-fluid”> <?php $args =

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