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404 on category.php pagination

My blog post page : => Work Blog page pagination : => Work A category post url : => Work A post

-2 generated in permalink postname

4 down vote favorite I have noticed after deleting an original page in WordPress with lets say a permalink of and then trying to

WordPress permalinks error 404 on IIS

i have enable permalinks on my wordpress site and now every page returns 404 error. The site is hosted in IIS 8. the web.config file

Rewrite my default post URL

I want to have this URL structure for my default post type :{post_ID}.php For other pages and post, I want a classic URL like

create user’s view profile link with username

I have created user’s view profile page. when any user click on member name then it’s redirect to view-profile page and open clicked user info.

generate custom permalink based on a custom field

I’m newbie to the WordPress. So far I have a custom post type called ‘property’. This post type has one custom field called ‘property_city’. In

Can i remove year/month from published attachments using search/replace?

I have removed year/month from my media’s structure, But still i have a thousand of images using the old structure. I need to remove the

Pagination link going to wrong link on production environment

I have a taxonomy page that is using pagination and display 9 posts per page. On my local environment, everything is working fine using the

Change permalink value in future post

I need that when creating a future post type, the permalink has the structure of the name of the post, instead it generates the permalink

Changing permalinks from php-myadmin

I have a plugin that creates a custom post. I want to change the permalink from: https://[site name]/lesson/lesson-1/ To: https://[site name]/learn/lesson1.php Through the wp admin

Why the WordPress “Post name” permalink settings stops to work in this WP website?

I am not so into WordPress and PHP and I have the following problem. Som years ago I made this website for an humanitarian association:

Change WordPress category url

is it possible to add a virtual subfolder to wordpress category permalinks. e.g. currently all URLs look like: But I want them

Change permalinks of ‘post’ type (add_rewrite_rule or ?????)

I added Hierarchy (to choose PARENT of post) with custom coding (several lines). Now, but the permalinks of posts are still: i want them

Press-This stopped redirecting to permalink after post publish

I use WordPress’ built in “Press This” feature quite a lot. I recently installed a new professional paid theme for my site, and for whatever

Choose permalink on a per-post basis?

I’ve set up a hosted wordpress on a server. The client told me he wants to be able to choose the permalink for each post

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