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Changing website permalinks leading to search bug?

I have a WordPress 3.3.1 blog, and I’m using the Yoast SEO plugin (if that helps). I went to /wp-admin/options-permalink.php to change the post’s URL

How to structure a wordpress site in folders?

I want to structure my site like such: Where both /cars/ and /blue/ would be articles that can receive comments. If you

WordPress Site Pages 404ing – Help with Permalinks on IIS?

I’m developing a site that has been migrated live but now every page except for the home page 404s upon linking to it. I’ve done

How to redirect special post type?

I have special post type. And it has weblink: I need WordPress open this page instead for any items-number. Anybode has idea how

Stop WordPress appending `-2` to the end of my url after i change it

When i try to set the url of a page in wordpress (4.2) it keeps apending -2 to the end of the url, i guess

Filter string like a slug

I have a WordPress site using pretty permalinks. I want to filter a string to that the it ends up with the exact same formatting

use of permalink or 301 redirect plugin

Right now I have this website here I have some link to some drills that I share in a group on FB and im

How can you create a Permalink structure on a WordPress site?

Let’s say I want to create a wordpress site that has a folder structure such as: Yet I want people to be able

All in one event calendar change link

i’m using this plugin to show events, an the thing that’s bothering me is how to change the link when you click on the date

Stop redirecting to posts not in a category / duplicate slugs

I have multiple posts with the same title, e.g. /states/new-york /cities/new-york /counties/new-york but WordPress doesn’t allow duplicate slugs, so they appear like: /states/new-york /cities/new-york-2 /counties/new-york-3

How do I fix permalink and media library issues on a LEMP stack?

So, I’m setting up a wordpress site on Digital Ocean’s IaaS. I’m using nginx as a proxy and web server (instead of apache), so a

Rewriting permalinks in specific way for two pages

I wish to rewrite permalink in th efollowing way (just for two specific Pages): 1) there are two pages: & 2) I wish

Page base for pagination permalink

Even I have set custom permalinks (related to post name) and category and tag base, I still get pagination URL’s like . How to

Add variables to all permalinks in site

I need to add variables to all links in my site based on a condition. So all permalink in a page that met my condition

Removing rel="nofollow" from links posted in Post Content

I am running wordpress for my blog EasyPadhai. I am writing a posts and I have included links to my Android app EasyPadhai for my

Links not working on the website

I am trying to get back my hacked website, but links except the homepage are not working. Please guide me how can I fix

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